Florida celebrated the International Nurses Day

Florida celebrated the International Nurses Day

Florida celebrated the International Nurses Day

Florida, may 13  –  Cuba and  around the world celebrated the  International Nurses Day  With the premise that “Nurses are a force for change and a vital resource for health”.

Workers in the health system of the municipality of Florida, celebrated the date with more than 500 professionals and technicians committed with a better medical care, and the improvement of  the service quality.

To achieve this goal, nurses must be selfless, ethics and humane. For this reason, they increased their professional preparation and more than the  80 percent of employees are graduated or has master´s degree

Nurses from Florida also stand out because of  their support to health collaboration in other countries around the world, with 34 of them saving lives in eight countries from different continents.

May 12th  was chosen to celebrate International Nurses Day in honor of the British Florence Nightingale, a pioneer in the practice of this profession and who was considered the mother of modern nursing.

Written by: Pedro Pablo Saez Herrera


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