Cuba on Preparation for Festival on Care of Sea Turtles

Cuba on Preparation for Festival on Care of Sea Turtles

Cuba on Preparation for Festival on Care of Sea Turtles

Pinar del Rio, Cuba, May 14  – To promote the care of sea turtles, a community in La Coloma, Pinar del Rio, is preparing its annual festival, with masks and disguises, and the participation of school students and their relatives.

Scheduled for June 5, the event is sponsored by the Provincial Office for Conservation of Fauna and Flora and organizations such as the World Fund for Nature.

Leonardo Espinosa, a Cuban expert and one of the organizers of the event, said that the contests will be based on painting, drawing, or interpretation or performance of songs associated to the protection of the environment.

The festival highlights among the actions to disclose the values of the close keys, to where varieties of sea turtles arrive from May to September, including carey or turtle shell, caguama and green, threatened by the stealthy fishing and the loss or contamination of their natural habitats, Espinosa said.

We seek – he said – to attract the fishermen so that they attend the conversations and exhibitions of videotapes on the marine world and particularly on those reptiles, formerly called “fish with shields”.

The pillaging acts have diminished thanks to the work of environmental education and to the effective regulations, because in Cuba, the capture of the marine turtles is totally forbidden, he explained.

Particularly, Cayo Sijú, one of San Felipe’s islands, is prominent for the nesting of the turtle shell, considered in critical danger of extinction.

The peninsula of Guanahacabibes, in the west of the archipelago, stands out equally for the numerous arrival of the old inhabitants of the ocean during the season.

Source: Prensa Latina

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