The Organs Donation and Transplanting Improved in Cienfuegos

The Organs Donation and Transplanting Improved in Cienfuegos

The Organs Donation and Transplanting Improved in Cienfuegos

Cuba, may 16 – During the last ten years, the province of Cienfuegos has achieved donations of mono-organic and multi-organic human organs as part of the development of this kind of transplant.

The salvation of human lives is shown through the success of 17 operations for the liver donation and its transplant and three hearts ones, as well.

The province has carried out a related operative recently when there was a call at eleven o´clock made by the local Organización Nacional de Transplante (National Transplant Organization) of the Ministry of Public Health for the extraction of organs in Matanzas province.

According to the specialist in Internal Medicine, doctor, José Roque Nodal Arruebarrena, who is the coordinator of Donation and Transplant services, the mobilization of almost a dozen of people from Cienfuegos, began at that time.

“Along with the escort by the local National Revolutionary Police (PNR) from one province to the another one, we achieved to transport all the equipment for making a transplant and it was achieved to extract both kidneys from a person who had passed away from brain death by using that equipment. The family of that individual had that great altruistic gesture when it allowed that organ donation.” He commented.

We did a precise extraction and two Cuban young men could save their lives to whom we carried out the kidney transplant. It is complex for us to move towards another territory during irregular hours, along with people and the necessary equipment, however, we always feel confidence about the maximum nation´s leadership and the Ministry of Public Health from our province that is experienced in this type of work.” José Roque Nodal pointed out.

José Roque acknowledges the positive attitude from the deceased´s family members, the doctors, surgeons, graduates, technicians, paramedics, as well as from the local PNR which escorted the caravan to transport those organs towards different places of the nation. Moreover, he also highlighted that up to five people could be saved from someone who had passed away from brain death.

“There are many elements of the society and five hospitals carrying out this kind of work, along with the nation´s public health institutions. The local Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR) uses fly fighters which make that transportation really fast, besides, that kind of transportation is carried out at the same time of the deceased’s organ extraction.” José Roque said.

“It is also extracted the organ of the person who is going to receive it in a distant place. We often do it in the nation´s capital inspire of the donor could be in Cienfuegos province over 250 kilometers away, so the there is a short time to achieve the organ´s proper function after being transported by plane provided by the FAR.” José Roque pointed out.

Cienfuegos is one of the smallest provinces in terms of population with around 400.000 inhabitants and a General Surgical Hospital only. It registers, thanks to the positive attitude of the local families, the lowest negative parameter about donation which is something that should be acknowledged forever.

“Those families understand the fact that before the brain death, the pain and loss of the loved individual, the most advisable to do it is precisely the donation by achieving that other mothers do not suffer for their children.” José Roque highlighted, “We have been registering a good average and we are trying to continue saving the people´s lives, so if there was a brain death, then we help those ones who have not any other option other than living.” José Roque said.

The nation has planed for the current year a donation rate of up to 13 ones by a million of inhabitants.

“In eight years, the local rate of donation was higher of the 18, 14 and 16 donations by million of inhabitants.” highlighted.

The Cienfuegos province has excelled in that sense, four times, nationally.
According to José Roque, “Our goal is surpassing the work and it has many details.”

Source: Radio Rebelde


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