Spanish Researcher and Philosopher Visits Havana

Spanish Researcher and Philosopher Visits Havana

Spanish Researcher and Philosopher Visits Havana

Havana, May 23  –  The Spanish researcher and philosopher Francisco Jarauta said Thursday that in analyzing the history of the 30 years of the Havana Biennial, this event should not simply be remembered, but work for keeping its legacy.

Jarauta, a guest in Havana for the activities to be carried out by the 30th anniversary of the founding of the event, joined other experts in a panel designed to analyze the historical context in which the first Biennial emerged in Havana, held in 1984.

“Back then, a process that comes down to us intact, started at that time, and we should not limit ourselves to analyze or recall, we must continue what was begun, since art is increasingly necessary,” said the Spanish professor.

“The event-he said-was the voice of those who at that time wanted urgently to speak against that sort of prevailing marketing, the Havana Biennial was a decisive starting point to allow art to be the living voice of our experiences.”

He mentioned as an important fact that before 1984 there were only two other biennials, Venice and Sao Paulo, and since the creation of the Havana Biennial, more than 80 of its kind have emerged in the world.

Jarauta, who has attended three of the 11 biennial editions made in Havana in the past three decades, concluded by admitting that the Biennial was a circumstance in which friendship and ideas shook hands in a story that changed violently and in which post-industrial societies put art into play as a merchandise.

For his part, Biennial director Jorge Fernandez recalled that, in his opinion, the Havana Biennial was at the time of its creation (May 22, 1984) one of the events that shaped the course of art in several regions of the world.

The founding director, Lillian Llanes, merely commented that she lived a stage where the Havana Bienniale had not the recognition it has today, a merit, in her opinion, that should lie with those who continued its work and managed to take right to what the Biennial is right now.

Activities for the 30th anniversary will continue with exhibitions in halls of the Wifredo Lam Contemporary Art, the National Museum of Fine Arts, the Center for the Development of Visual Arts and the Photo Library of Cuba, the four selected places to celebrate the anniversary.

Since 1984, 11 editions of the Havana Biennial, over three thousand artists from over a hundred countries have participated.

Source: Prensa Latina

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