Today´s Receipt: Canned Grapefruit Juice!

Today´s Receipt: Canned Grapefruit Juice!

Today´s Receipt: Canned Grapefruit Juice!

Cuba, may 23 – Some tips to improve foods by using aromatic plants, taking care of one´s legs, elaborating a canned grapefruit juice and keeping the house´s harmony.

From the beginning of the human being existence, the man has striven to face and giving solution to countless problems of its daily activity, among them, there are many ones which seems to us very difficult to face, except while using great dosages of intelligence, persistence and creativity that open great horizons to us all.

That is reason by which we are trying to share with you some tips before the many related demands about it, on this space.

The aromatic plants are the ones used for improving the common dishes, so try to include them little by little into your cookery and meals. Moreover, it is a fact that creativity is really significant to achieve a good surprise on this regard, however, it is also important to get to know its origins that reveals their use.

The local Albahaca plant: this plant from the Mediterranean Sea is really tasteful when it is combined with garlic in the typical Italian pesto flavoring and it is also well-combines with salads, eggs, mushrooms and birds.

The Local Salvia plant: It is a plant of perennial leaves which is native from South Europe that can resist the more intense winters, besides, it can be well-combined with dishes containing meat as it has digestive properties; hence, it gives a particular flavor to the liver and vegetables like leek.

For the Human Health and Beauty

If you work sat down in front of your computer, avoid doing it with your legs crossed for a long time, given that position prevents the bloodstream to flow properly. Do not forget it!

Today´s receipt: Canned grapefruit juice

Peel one of two big grapefruits and put them into the grinding machine or mixer blender. You may include the content into a boiling cup of water. Moreover, you may extract the aforementioned juice by squeezing it through a thin piece of cloth or related funnel, and then pour it into sterilized bottles, later on.

Finally, put into a heat in a double boiler for thirty minutes.

Never forget that the sound family discussion about any topic should not be a reason for violence given the fact that it is the right of each woman, adolescence, boy, girl to express different opinions.

Talk about the different situations which affect them without reservations. The proper communication between the members of the family, the constructive dialogue and the mutual help are sources of well-being and happiness for everyone.

Source: Radio Rebelde


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