Work by Cuban Painter Praised in China

Work by Cuban Painter Praised in China

Work by Cuban Painter Praised in China

Beijing, May 28  –  Chinese authorities expressed satisfaction today with the participation of young Cuban painter Asniel (Chuli) Herrera in a program for visiting Latin American artists that coincided with “Meet in Beijing,” the main annual art fair taking place in this capital.

Benjamin Yin, executive of a leading company at the Chinese Ministry of Culture founded in 1950, told Prensa Latina that “we have been very lucky to include this young man in our program… I must say he is very talented.”

Speaking to this agency, the director of one of the divisions of the China International Exhibition agency, responsible for promoting exchange with the world through the arts, stated that Herrera has a particular vision and angle, different from other artists, which he reflects in his work.

According to the expert, this young Cuban, born in the Cuban province of Camaguey, made a presentation in which he managed to capture the essence of one thousand years in Chinese culture, and his work presented in Hangzhou was approved by experts and those attending the exhibition.

Herrera was invited along with painters from Brazil, Ecuador, Peru and Mexico to attend an artists-in-residence program in Hangzhou, capital of Zhenjiang, consisting of living and sharing with Chinese artists, and exchanging with students and professors at the Fine Arts Academy.

Source: Prensa Latina


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