Cuban Singer Highlights Work With Member of Calle 13

Cuban Singer Highlights Work With Member of Calle 13

Cuban Singer Highlights Work With Member of Calle 13

San Juan, May 30 – Cuban singer Diana Fuentes described as special the recording process of her last album “Planeta planetario” along with her husband the Puerto Rican musician Eduardo Cabra, best known for Visitante, member of the group Calle 13.

In an interview offered here, where she has lived for three years, the young singer said that the joint composition work and production of the tracks allowed her to know better her partner and colleague.

“Eduardo is one of the most influential Latin producers nowadays. I’m convinced that his career has a long way and his magic is knowing how to decipher extremely well the concept that an artist wants from him”, said Fuentes.

About 12 tracks make up the album, that has the collaboration of Cuban musicians such as Kelvis Ochoa, William Vivanco and rapper Kumar, and the seal of Calle 13 in the sound effects because Visitante is “the creator of the sound”, recalled the 29-year old artist.

“Planeta planetario” will soon be released to the market by the label Sony Music US Latin, and according to Fuentes is a phonogram that is distinguished by the generic richness of Afro-Cuban rhythms, pop, Jamaican dances, electronic, hip hop, bolero and other genres.

The first single of the album, “Será sol”, written by Fuentes and the Cuban singer-songwriter Carlos Varela, is “an anthem to optimism, to the possibility of change, to the power of reflection and self-recognition; an anthem to faith”, emphasized the singer of popular songs such as “Amargo pero dulce”.

Source: Prensa Latina


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