New Cooperation Accords Deepen Havana-Moscow Relations

New Cooperation Accords Deepen Havana-Moscow Relations

New Cooperation Accords Deepen Havana-Moscow Relations

HAVANA, Cuba, Jul 15 –  Havana and Moscow signed ten new cooperation documents during the visit to Cuba last week by Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.

The two countries signed a an international information treaty aimed at cooperating in the setting up of legal and organizational bases to guarantee security in the field.

A second document was a joint declaration on the non-militarization of outer space in an effort to prevent outer space from becoming a scenario of military actions, so the accord states that neither Cuba nor Russia will be the first countries to deploy any weapons in the outer space.

The culture ministries of both countries also signed an accord to widen collaboration by fostering exchange in the arts and culture field, including art works and specialists in different areas.

A bilateral memo of understanding between the ministries of industries of the two countries aims at promoting cooperation in the sector. Another memo pointed to the development of actions in the field of health, particularly in the treatment and prevention of kidney conditions and other diseases affecting men’s reproduction urinary and reproduction systems.

A similar document also signed by Cuba and Rusia is related to the setting up in Havana of a regional rescue and firefighter’s training center to help other countries of this part of the world minimize the effects of disasters.

The two countries also signed an accord in the oil field to study current drilling and development conditions of Cuban reserves and oil wells under exploitation.

Another memo of understanding establishes the setting up of four power generation units that will contribute 200 megawatts to the Cuba electric system. In this same area, Havana and Moscow will also collaborate in the production and installation of LED-based lighting.

Meanwhile, companies from the two countries also agreed to cooperate in the modernization and construction of hydroelectric plants on the island.

Source: ACN

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