China, Cuba Reaffirm Friendship with Art

China, Cuba Reaffirm Friendship with Art

China, Cuba Reaffirm Friendship with Art

Havana, Jul 23  –  China and Cuba merged artistic talents during a gala for friendship in the presence of the presidents from both countries, Xi Jinping and Raul Castro.

Dancers from the national ballet companies of the two peoples got a perfect communication yesterday through dance.

Chinese Zhang Jian took the essence of Romanticism in the second act of Giselle with a gesture of delicacy that helped her to override her body weight in the hands of Cuban partner Dani Hernandez.

The grace of Chinese dancers Wang Ye and Su Ruichen predominated in the Esmeralda pax de deux, highlighted by a choreographic version by American Ben Stevenson to display the dancer, and if she has a correct technique, elegant foot line, jumps, and extensions, the work shines.

Estheysis Menendez, Dayesi Torriente, Gabriela Mesa, Roberto Vega, Luis Valle, and Adrian Masvidal, gave them the pleasure of playing with a variety of jumps, twists and extensions, an elite of youth and evidence of the methodological development of the Cuban ballet school.

The Don Quixote pas de deux closed spectacularly this gala. Cuban prima ballerina Viengsay Valdes, along with Chinese Ma Xiadong, spread joy and did not reduce an iota of her Latin temperament, which seemed to delight the visiting dancer.

Source: Prensa Latina

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