Harold López-Nussa´s Successful Presentation in Tokyo

Harold López-Nussa´s Successful Presentation in Tokyo

Harold López-Nussa´s Successful Presentation in Tokyo

Tokyo. jul, 23 –  Cuban musician Harold López-Nussa achieved great success with his trio during the three-day presentations in Tokyo’s Cotton Club, as said sources of the Cuban Embassy in this Japanese capital city.

The young pianist, accompanied by his brother Ruy Adrián López-Nussa in the drums, and Jorge Sawa in the bass, played in the Cotton Clun from July 18 to 20 with two daily performances.

The virtuosos played the most autochthonous sounds in Cuban musical history through their own creations and the traditional songbook of the Caribbean island.
This is the first time these musicians performed in Tokyo using this format and the Japanese public recognized the Cubans’ refined technique during their performances with ecstatic applauses at the end of every piece.

The members of the trio showed their skills as instrumentalists individually, and in every presentation they had to return to the stage to give more music to an audience that awarded them with ovations.

The Cotton Club is one of the most important squares of jazz and international music in Japan, and Harold López-Nussa trio showed their satisfaction for exhibiting there their art and the wish to return to these demanding stages in Japan.

Harold López-Nussa and his trio started a tour around Japan that will now continue around the European continent.

Source: Cubarte

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