International Colloquium On Five Reaches Final Conclusions

International Colloquium On Five Reaches Final Conclusions

International Colloquium On Five Reaches Final Conclusions

Havana, Sep 13  –  The University of Havana, the Computer Science and Pedagogical Sciences faculties will open their doors to the delegates of the X International Symposium On Freedom of the Five and against Terrorism, which reaches today its final conclusions.
Participants in the event will visit the headquarters of these high studies center and alongside the students will hold talks held on the Judicial Process faced by the Five Cuban antiterrorist, concluded with their imprisonment 16 years ago.

At the University of Havana it will be developed a videoconferencing linking the Cuban students with those from Los Angeles, California, and American Community Leaders.

Also, they will interact on social networks from multiple locations, the most important of all in Twitter.

The Closing of the day will be a political-cultural evening in the historic university stercaise.

During The First Day of the Colloquium, nearly 300 delegates gathered in various groups by their geographical area in order to plan actions to continue fighting for the release of Gerardo Hernandez, Antonio Guerrero, Ramón Labañino.

Participants issued a final statement and an action plan to develop during the next year.

The meeting had its venue in the Havana’s Conventions Center.

Fernando Gonzalez, who along with René González and return to Cuba fter serving their sentences, call for strengthening actions to raise power circle in US with the case of the Cubans imprisoned since 1998.

Source: Prensa Latina

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