US Religious Leader Visits One of Cuban 5

US Religious Leader Visits One of Cuban 5

US Religious Leader Visits One of Cuban 5

Washington, Nov 4  –  Rev. John McCullough, president and executive director of the World Churches Service (CWS) of the United States, carried out a pastoral visit in Marianna, Florida, to Antonio Guerrero, one of the three Cubans being held prisoner in federal jails.

McCullough, who expects to shortly travel to Cuba to meet with church leaders, government representatives and relatives of those men, visited Guerrero along with Doctor Carroll A. Baltimore, president of the Progressive National Baptist Convention, a CWS statement posted in its official website.

Doctor Rev. Russell L. Meyer, executive director of the Council of Churches of Florida, also accompanied him.

The reverend described this visit as “positive,” in which he saw Guerrero “with many energy and very strong in the psychological, emotional and spiritual aspect,” states the note.

Antonio Guerrero is one of the five Cubans detained in 1998 in Florida and later convicted at a trial, whose procedures “have been widely criticized as unjust,” recalled the statement highlighting that the visits to the other two colleagues, Ramon Labañino and Gerardo Hernandez, are being scheduled.

He also said the meeting was stimulant for the Caribbean fighter, whose prison term will be expired in 2017, adding an additional punishment of five years under supervised release within U.S. territory.

The CWS encouraged the U.S. governments several times to eliminate the obsolete economic, commercial and financial blockade on Cuba.

Source: Prensa Latina

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