Republicans about to Control the US Senate, The Hill says

Republicans about to Control the US Senate, The Hill says

Republicans about to Control the US Senate, The Hill says

Washington, Nov 5  –  The Republicans are about to gain the control of the US Senate in the midterm elections, while Democrats are bracing for a tough night, says an article in The Hill.

The latest polls show that the red party has an advantage among young voters, plus capture a good deal of attention among women, a sector that has traditionally voted Democratic, says the publication.

The level of approval of President Barack Obama is 42 percent nationwide and this is a blow to the intentions of Democrats admitted Achim Bergmann, one of the leading strategists blue party.

According to the expert, the Obama’s fellows have serious problems in Iowa and Colorado in particular, key states in this race.

It is a simple math problem, he adds, because to control the Senate, Democrats should have a perfect night, succeed in every race where they are in trouble, and even win many where polls do not favor them so far.

Meanwhile, an article in The New York Times reports today that in the battle for the Senate Republicans have advantages in West Virginia, Montana, South Dakota, Arkansas, Alabama, Idaho, Mississippi, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Wyoming, Maine, South Dakota, and Kentucky.

The best chance of the Democrats are in Delaware, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Illinois, Oregon, Minnesota, New Mexico, Virginia and Michigan, but the contest could bring surprises for both parties in any of these areas, explains the Times.

Among the most difficult races for the Senate, where voting intentions are more tight: New Hampshire, North Carolina, Kansas, Georgia, Alaska, Iowa, Colorado and Louisiana.

In Tuesday’s elections are at stake 36 of the 100 Senate seats, all 435 counts of the House of Representatives, 36 governors and numerous positions in local governments and legislatures.

Source: Prensa Latina

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