Argentinians Learned to Read, Write with Cuban Method

Argentinians Learned to Read, Write with Cuban Method

Argentinians Learned to Read, Write with Cuban Method

Buenos Aires, Nov 6 –  More than 26,770 Argentinians have learned to read and write thanks to the implementation of a Cuban literacy program, a human and social battle included in the documentary “Yo si puedo, la alegria de aprender y enseñar” (Yes, I Can, The Happiness of Learning and Teaching).

Premiered last night in the framework of the “Documentalistas Argentinos” (Argentinian Documentary Filmmaker) festival, DOCA 2014, the film, by director Maria Torrellas, shows the effort by hundreds of volunteers and a group of Cuban teachers, renewing from time to time, in the application of that plan.

Torrellas, of the Resumen Latinoamericano TV team, said the film shows the work the Cuban delegation is doing in Argentina, including the “Yo si Puedo” and “Mision Milagro” programs, and coordinate the Foundation “A Better World Is Possible (Ummep), an effort media has hidden, she stressed.

“I propose to reveal that tenacious work that group has been carrying out for 10 years to teach to read and write the most humble sectors in Argentina, as a tribute to that permanent Cuban solidarity,” the filmmaker said.

Talking about the literacy program, Torrellas recalled that humanitarian effort responds to a fundamental idea by the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro.

“Documentalistas Argentinos” is an organization of film creativity bringing together creators from this audiovisual expression to recreate and strengthening a new Latin American cinema.

Source: Prensa Latina


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