Cuban Organization Urges Peers to Unite Against Ebola

Cuban Organization Urges Peers to Unite Against Ebola

Cuban Organization Urges Peers to Unite Against Ebola

Havana, Nov 7 –  The non governmental Cuban Association of the United Nations (ACNU) urged its peers worldwide to unite in fighting the Ebola epidemics in West Africa.

In a communique, ACNU backed UN Chief Ban Ki-moon’s view, expressed in a message to the Summit of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America in October, that this virus “is a big global problem that demands immediate global solutiion.”

Supporting those words, ACNU urged “similar associations worldwide to request the governments with capacity to contribute to fight the Ebola epidemic and respond positively to this call made by the system of the United Nations.”

ACNU, founded in 1947 to spread and help the people understand the objectives and running of the United Nations, considered that it is time to work together, unite to save lives in one of the most vulnerable regions in the world, and with this the entire humanity will benefit.

ACNU also welcomed the immediate and trascendental response from the Cuban government and doctors to the call of the World Health Organization to mobilize human and financial resources to face the illness hitting several countries in West Africa.

ACNU said that Cuba’s cooperation with the UN system represents an additional example in its tradition to contribute selflessly in solidarity with the people in need worldwide.

ACNU also expressed its respect for all governments, institutions and professionals worldwide that have join and supported the fight against this illness.

Source: Prensa Latina


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