Cuban International Film Festival Starts in Havana

Cuban International Film Festival Starts in Havana

Cuban International Film Festival Starts in Havana

Havana, Dec 5  –  The XXXVI International Festival of the New Latin American Movies begins its sessions today with the projection of the acclaimed Argentine Relatos Salvajes, winner in its country of the South Award to the Best Movie of 2014.

The Academy of Arts and Cinematographic Sciences of Argentina has just granted to this film 10 laurels, among them: Best Director (Damián Szifrón), Actress (Érica Rivas), Actor (Oscar Martínez), Original script (Szifrón), photography (Javier Juliá) and Assembly (Pablo Barbieri, Szifrón), among others.

The film festival in Cuba will be dedicated this year to one of its founders, the Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez, who presided the Foundation of the New Latin American Cinema for 28 years.

According to the director of the Festival, Ivan Giroud, 116 movies will compete for the Coral Award: 42 fiction full-lenght films, 21 of them as prime opera, 30 documentaries, 21 medium-length films and short films of fiction, 23 animated cartoons, 25 unpublished scripts and 11 posters,and other several works out of contest.

Also in the present edition is foreseen the presenting several collateral awards such as Glauber Rocha sponsored by Prensa Latina news agfency.

Of the proposals in contest, five Cuban full-lenght films stand out, of them four premieres of the directors Jorge Perugorría, Fernando Pérez, Enrique Álvarez and Marilyn Solaya.

These days, Havana is waiting for the presence of actors Benicio del Toro (Puerto Rico), Paco León (Spain) and Matt Dillon (Estados Unidos), among several celebrities.

The program of the event includes homage to the Uruguayan producer Mario Handler and to Austrian Ulrich Seidl, as well as a complete retrospective of the Argentinian Jorge Cedrón, which was restored and digitalized.

In accordance with the organizers of the event, the film fans will be able to appreciate also some anime pieces, concerning the 400 years of the arrival of the first Japanese Samurai to Cuba, and as well as a sample of African American independent movies, with materials filmed between 1915 and 1952.

Source: Prensa Latina


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