Cuba and Mexico Sign Heritage Conservation Agreement

Cuba and Mexico Sign Heritage Conservation Agreement

Cuba and Mexico Sign Heritage Conservation Agreement

HAVANA,   Feb 4  –  Gladis Collazo, president of the National Council of Cultural Heritage (CNPC by its Spanish acronym) and Salvador Vega y León, rector general of the Metropolitan Autonomous University of Mexico, signed a collaboration agreement strengthening links between the two institutions.

Vega León said they have been working together for a while and now they are setting new goals, especially in the formation of academics and students because Cuban science and technology in the protection, preservation and promotion of cultural heritage, with a spirit of self-sustainability and rationality, are greatly appreciated in his country.

He noted that bilateral relations between the two sides are very good and they are now going to explore new fields for mutual benefit and establishing exchanges with other institutions such as the University of the Arts.

Collazo praised the work of the Mexican higher education center, with over 40 years of existence; especially the one developed at the Cuban city of Bayamo for eight years, and said that actions undertaken now will be coordinated as a program of the UNESCO Chair of CNPC.

Mexican architect Vicente Alejandro Ortega Cedillo, who works in Bayamo and his colleagues Jacinto del Río Partida and Axel Aviles Pallares explained a new digital application consisting of a kind of Web page with videos, texts, books and a whole database, via flash memories, which prevents connectivity problems and can be carried anywhere.

He said they already shared this innovation with the Provincial Council of Cultural Heritage of Granma, and now they are doing it with CNPC and they shall present its benefits at the 8th Scientific Conference El Patrimonio Cultural de los Pueblos Iberoamericanos, to be held from February 5 to 9, in Bayamo.

Source: ACN


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