Uruguay to Take Literature, Cinema, Theater, Music at Cuban Fair

Uruguay to Take Literature, Cinema, Theater, Music at Cuban Fair

Uruguay to Take Literature, Cinema, Theater, Music at Cuban Fair

Montevideo, Jan 12 – Literary trends, musical rhythms, theater and audiovisual world in its several forms will be part of the artistic expressions Uruguay will present during the 25th Havana International Book Fair (FIL, in Spanish).

The biggest event of literature and book in the Caribbean island, to be held from Feb. 11 to 21, will have this South American nation as a guest of honor, so authorities provided a “strong program,” according to the agenda delivered to Prensa Latina.

Music will start from the first day with a performance at the Nicolas Guillen Hall, of the Cabaña Fortress, main venue of the Fair, of composer and singer Malena Muyala (or Gustavo Montemurro) and Daniel “Tatita” Marquez, an Uruguayan percussionist who plays a traditional music known as “candombe.”

This proposal will include the rich Uruguayan musical tradition with the presentation of typical rhythms, such as “milonga,” “candombe,” “tango” and others, without dismissing the more contemporary sounds.

Other artists who will travel to Havana will be guitarist, singer and composer Fernando Cabrera and Daniel Viglieti, the latter considered one of the greatest exponents of popular Uruguayan singing and who will offer a tribute to Mario Benedetti at Casa de las Americas on February 17.

The Raquel Revuelta Theater, in the Havana neighborhood of Vedado, will host from Tuesday, Feb. 16, to Sunday, Feb. 21, the Uruguayan theatrical show with works Nuremberg, Shoes Andalusians, Kassandra and Ostia, which young artists Sergio Blanco, Gabriel Calderon, Santiago Sanguinetti, and Mary Dodera, among others, will present.

For cinema’s lovers, the Havana’s Infanta Multiplex Cinema Cultural Center will host the presentation of film and audiovisual documentary that are related to the book world, for its subject or for being versions of literary works.

Among the films moviegoers could see are “La Demora” (2012), “Mal dia para pescar” (2009) and “Miss Tacuarembo” (2010), while in documentary are “El padre de Gardel” (2014) and “Jamás lei a Onetti” (2009), a tribute to Uruguayan writer Juan Carlos Onetti.

Also at the Cabaña Fortaleza, the Uruguayan stand will have a wide and varied daily proposal for the dissemination of television productions of the two public channels and an exhibition with caricatures by Uruguayan writers made by the recently deceased Walter Di Brana.(Prensa Latina)

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