Mobilization Against the Coup in Brazil Asked at Social Forum

Mobilization Against the Coup in Brazil Asked at Social Forum

Mobilization Against the Coup in Brazil Asked at Social Forum

Brasilia, Jan 22 – Leaders of political parties today demanded unity and mobilization against attempts to remove Dilma Rousseff from power, during the third day of the Porto Alegre World Social Forum (WSF).

The head of the Workers Party (PT, in Portuguese), Rui Falcão, warned of the difficult Brazilian situation and the attempts of the right wing to use all kinds of tricks to remove Rousseff from office.

This is a stance of the opposition organization Brazilian Social Democracy Party (PSDB, in Portuguese), which now called to the suspension of the PT before the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (STE, in Potuguese), denounced Falcao.

We face a undemocratic position, he said warning that the right wing, headed by the PSDB, seeks the dismissal of the head of state in Congress, under false arguments, through an impeachment and also wants to delegitimize the accounts of the leader’s campaign in the STE.

In his speech, he also stressed that Brazil faces an economic crisis in the middle of an adverse international stage, perhaps the biggest since 1929, and it has unpredictable consequences.

As the leader of the PT did, the national vice president of the Communist Party of Brazil (PcdoB, in Potuguese), Walter Sorrentino, warned that the young democracy in this nation is threatened by a reactionary offensive, interested in establishing the savage neoliberalism.

Sorrentino spoke about joining forces to build a consensus and convergence agenda with businessmen and to ensure sustainable economic growth.

During the seminar, it will be also discussed the situation of black people, their rights and ways to curb the growing murder of black young people.

Started last Tuesday, the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre concludes tomorrow and it is a prelude to the meeting of this group to be held in August in Montreal, Canada.(Prensa Latina)

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