American dance teacher delivers conference in Camaguey

American dance teacher delivers conference in Camaguey

American dance teacher delivers conference in Camaguey

Camaguey,  Jan 27 – Anne Marie Forsythe, American dance teacher, highlighted in this city the possibility of Cuban companies to incorporate to their routines the Horton technique, of which she gave a practical session at the headquarters of Endedans Contemporary Ballet.

It can coexist with others such as Graham, which is the basis of modern dance in the Caribbean country, the classical or Afro-Cuban rhythms, it is not replacing it with another one, but to interrelate them to create choreographies, she told reporters after concluding her lecture.

Forsythe, who arrived in Camaguey through Windows Project cultural exchange program, by Cuban choreographer Pedro Ruiz, is the director of the Department of Horton Technique in the United States, and has devoted her entire career to teach that proceed.

The class was also attended by dancers of the Ballet of Camaguey, and students and teachers from Luis Casas Romero Vocational Art School.

The professor, who also teaches at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater company, where Pedro Ruiz danced for years, promised to return to give a class on Horton technique for children who attended this time as spectators.

Yailín Ortiz Claveria, director of Endedans, told ACN the technique defended by Forsythe works on the stretch, vertical and horizontal movements, giving the dancer greater plasticity.

The exchange with members of the Alvin Ailey … also included the premiere of three choreographies, two by Pedro Ruiz and another one by Elizabeth Roxas-Dobrish, also a former dancer of the company, last weekend at Principal Theater.(Radio Cadena Agramonte)


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