Russian Orthodox Patriarch to Meet with Raul Castro in Cuba

USA-Cuba Business Council Elects New Chief

USA-Cuba Business Council Elects New Chief

Washington, Feb 11 –  Carlos Gutierrez was elected today as head of the USA-Cuba Business Council (USCBC), an entity that is putting pressure on the US Government to lift the blockade against Cuba, maintained since 1962 despite worldwide rejection.

The US Chamber of Commerce announced that Gutierrez will receive on Feb.16 the Cuban Minister of Foreign Trade and Investment, Rodrigo Malmierca, who is scheduled to meet with public and private business people.

“The imminent visit of Minister Malmierca, and the recent changes in the US regulations, create unprecedented opportunities for both countries, particularly regarding travel and small businesses,” said the ex Secretary of Commerce.

This election constitutes a backing of the efforts to increase the role of US investors in the Cuban market, though the main obstacle to such rapprochement, or the US economic, financial, commercial blockade, remains in force.

Also joined the USCBC the president of the Norwegian Cruise Lines, Frank del Rio; the Director General of MBF Healthcare Partners, Mike Fernandez; the Head of Americas at Amway, Candace Matthews; and the Deputy Head of Morgan Stanley, Tom Nides.

The USCBC balongs to the US Chamber of Commerce, which represents the interests of three million business people, and its department of international affairs works with peers in 25 countries.(Prensa Latina)

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