Reasons to celebrate the World Health Day

Reasons to celebrate the World Health Day

Reasons to celebrate the World Health Day

Florida, April 7th – All people in the municipality of Florida celebrate this April 7th , the World Health Day, from growing full enjoyment of rights and benefits introduced by the Revolution and Socialism in this important area of society.

In the town  where live around 70,000 inhabitants it seems normally to have    access to 2 hospitals that meet almost 300 beds and multiple services, two dental clinics equipped with the necessary technology to ensure the oral care and prosthetics and as many Integral Rehabilitation clinic , where about 100 patients recover  quality of life every day

The universal journey is dedicated this time to the fight against Diabetes Mellitus, through consultation Health dozens of those patients suffering from diabetic foot ulcers that are effective remedies to the implementation of Heberprot-P, a drug 100% Cuban and which is internationally recognized .

No one who looks at the world and know the realities could doubt about the privilege that means enjoying the Cuban Health System, when we hear about millions of children who die from the impact of preventable diseases, claims to achieve health insurance even in rich nations like the United States, and pandemics that kill thousands of people on the planet.

Then we celebrate the World Health Day, and consciously contribute to sustainability and responsible in the same way, for our welfare and the future generations

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