UNDP Highlights Work of Cuba in Fight against HIV-AIDS

UNDP Highlights Work of Cuba in Fight against HIV-AIDS

UNDP Highlights Work of Cuba in Fight against HIV-AIDS

Havana, Apr 8 – The representative in Cuba of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Myrta Kaulard, recognized today in the Second Congress of Health Promotion, the work of this country in the prevention of STI HIV-AIDS.

In a dialogue table for the 50th anniversary of UNDP, Kaulard noted that this nation is one of the least affected by HIV in the Caribbean, thanks to the existence of a solid health system, functional and free, and has besides a training of human resources in different social spheres.

She stressed that the country is ready to face new challenges in health for which UNDP will maintain a collaborative program until 2030, with donations of supplies and tests for the study and detection of sexually transmitted diseases; and antiretroviral treatments.

Kaulard further explained that the agenda of the organization for the next 15 years is focused on working with indigenous, Afro-descendants and people living in rural areas with poor conditions.

Referring to the importance of the international event, she said the appointment is an important for socializing and making new strategies to help prevent disease and promote better lifestyles in Latin America.

In this Second International Conference on Health Promotion, which ends this Thursday, more than 300 delegates from countries such as Ecuador, Uruguay, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Italy, Argentina, Chile and the United States participate.

During the sessions of the event, were also carried out the X Regional Workshop on the Promotion and Health Education in Schools and Education, and Communication Symposium and International Exhibition of communication products on this specialty.

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