Work of Cuban Nurseries in 55 Years Praised

Work of Cuban Nurseries in 55 Years Praised

Work of Cuban Nurseries in 55 Years Praised

Havana, Apr  8 –  “Cuban nurseries prevail as an excellent alternative for the training and development of children from zero to five years”, said today specialists from the Cuban Ministry of Education (Mined).

At a press conference, on occasion of the upcoming 55th anniversary of nursery schools, Maria de los Angeles Gallo, director of Preschool Education of Mined, said that children that go to nurseries handle better than others the transition to primary education.

Cuban nurseries, created on April 10, 1961, had two main objectives, which prevail nowadays.

These are providing children with a better care than the one they had before the creation of these facilities, with the benefit of a proper education, and facilitate the incorporation of women into work.

This was told by director of the Latin American Reference Center for Early Childhood Education Miriam Diaz, a center created in 1998 to study various issues related to children and offer scientific basis to training activities.

Diaz said that the achievements of nurseries and preschool education system in Cuba, always in continuous improvement, owe much to two people: late president of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) Vilma Espin and historic leader of the Revolution Fidel Castro.

Gallo reiterated that in the closing ceremony of the FMC first congress, Fidel Castro encouraged this organization to create new type of institutions where education of children were the most important aim.

According to data provided at the conference, currently there are 1,083 nurseries in urban and rural areas, in which more than 137,000 children are trained, some 19 percent of early childhood (zero to five years) in Cuba.(Prensa Latina)


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