Ongoing Humanitarian Operation in Syria

Ongoing Humanitarian Operation in Syria

Ongoing Humanitarian Operation in Syria

Cuba, Aug 1st – Both the Russian and Syrian armies have started a wide humanitarian operation in the Syrian Aleppo city. That action implies the opening of some corridors which allow the local population and those terrorists, who lay down their weapons, to abandon that city.

Serguéi Shoigu, who is the minister of defense of Russia, has said:

“According to the orders given by the president of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, the joint humanitarian operation with the Syrian government to assist the local civil population has just started.”

There have been around 250.000 civilians who continue living in the rebel neighborhoods of the thousand-year old city, according to governmental sources.

The Syrian air force drooped thousands of leaflets in which it was requested the cooperation of the civil population and it was demanded the surrender of different terrorist the groups. That initiative appears after the United Nation announced its interest and hope about resuming the peace talks since this current month of August.

All the previous and related attempts in search for a negotiated solution to that conflict have failed. Moreover, the also Russian minister of defense has requested to the Syrian government to guarantee the amnesty for those militiamen who might lay down their weapons.

To help the civilians who were taken as hostages by the terrorists, as well as for those militiamen who wanted to lay down their weapons, the Russian center for the Reconciliation of the sides in conflict, along with the Syrian authorities, have opened three humanitarian corridors.” The Russian minister of defense, pointed out.

Likewise, Russia and Syria have already some spots with hot food in the zones with humanitarian corridors, as well as first-aid spots for the civilians and surrendered insurgents.

“Taking into account the fact that our U.S. colleagues have not have provided to us some data about the terrorist Al Nusra front group or the one about the Free Syrian Army, it would be created a fourth humanitarian corridor through the north of the Aleppo road as a safe path for militiamen with weapons.” The Russian ministry of defense, concluded.(Radio Rebelde)

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