Cuba Achieves its First Hybrid Root Vegetable

Cuba Achieves its First Hybrid Root Vegetable

Cuba Achieves its First Hybrid Root Vegetable

Cuba, Jan 11st – The specialists from the National Tropical Root Vegetable Institute (INIVIT) achieved its first hybrid root vegetable in Cuba which is featured by having a new resistance against plagues and it has a high yield.

According to the local Trabajadores newspaper, Ph.D. Sergio Rodríguez Morales, who is the director of that scientific center, explained that result allows using its characteristic into another crop that does not have it or even achieving another one with which its subsequent crops could be better than the first one.

Rodríguez Morales added that the local purple roof vegetables are more resistant to the new plague that attack the green ones which have a higher yield, so this technology may be included to the information of the purple ones.

The scientific result includes the design of the complete strategy to be ready before the climate change´s affectations and the achievements of the second period which was a clone of a local ´burro´ banana that is much better than the Cemsa one to which it is included a higher biodiversity and preventing the explosion of a plague in that variety.

The contributions made by the local INIVIT and other centers were decisive to Villa Clara province to be designed for the venue of the Cuban Science event of which its celebration will take place on the upcoming January 15th and it includes some round tables programs about the development and related past influence of that province on Commander, Fidel Castro´s thought about that field.(Radio Rebelde)


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