Impact of the Cuban Literacy Method in Nicaragua

Impact of the Cuban Literacy Method in Nicaragua

Impact of the Cuban Literacy Method in Nicaragua

Cuba, Jan 11st – The implementation of the Cuban Literacy program called Yes I can constitute a method of great impact in over 30 countries among them Nicaragua.

The initiative carried out in Nicaragua in the early years of the 21 st century concluded with the declaration Free Territory of Illiteracy, in 2010 was thanks to the internationalist thinking of the leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro and its author Doctor in Sciences, Leonela Relys.

Amalia Ricardo, teacher from Holguin and advisor to both programs during 2013-2015 in the Nicaraguan department of Rivas talked to ACN about the effectiveness of the methodology in which a person can learn how to read and write in 13 weeks.

She pointed out that the use of audiovisual materials marks the potential of the literacy system taking as a start the numbers which establishes a direct relation with learning letters.

Amalia added that the admiration and gratefulness felt by thousands of men and women for the Cuban teachers is a reason to feel proud having been privileged in being born in Cuba and more so when we are far from our homeland and family.

The specialist recalled the students that she met from both pedagogical methods who have continued to study after graduating from 6th grade with the objective of being active participants in the social changes underway in the Central American nation.

Nicaragua maintains a literacy rate of under 3.5 percent, figure established by UNESCO to be declared Free Territory of Literacy and currently Cuban teachers are cooperating in this task and others like a leadership course for technicians.

The main challenge today in being an internationalist is to work hard each day because the Cuban education personnel is Cuba’s representation in the world and as loyal followers of Marti and Fidel, we will continue to work in our role in education for the creation of a better world, said the educator.(Granma)

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