Cuba Will Host International Medical Convention

Cuba Will Host International Medical Convention

Cuba Will Host International Medical Convention

Havana, Jan 13rd –  Delegates from 16 countries of 4 continents will attend International Convention Calixto 2017 taking place in this capital from January 23 to 25, organizers informed today.

‘With the slogan Promoviendo salud y excelencia, the Convention will receive representatives from Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay, Mexico, Panama, Dominican Republic, Bulgaria, Angola, Canada, the United States and the host,’ they said.

‘The event will take place in the context of the transformation of the national health system and it will be a way to pay tribute to the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro,’ stated to the press the president of the organizer commission, Carlos Alberto Martínez.

‘That is why, we seek to gather the most prestigious researchers and emblematic science and technique personalties to get an update on the national and international new results,’ he added.

Martínez said that the Convention will cover main topics such as the attention to patients in critical conditions, chronic and infectious diseases, aging, medical teaching, and natural and traditional medicine.

The secretary executive of the organizer commission, Yamilé Valdés, stated to the press that around 300 delegates, 100 of them from abroad, will present 600 works.

According to Valdés, the scientific program will be fulfilled through all the modalities of events of this scale, that is to say, conferences, posters among others.

She also said that previous to the Convention some courses and symposiums on neurosurgery, prevention of cardiovascular risks, anesthesiology, teaching preparation for the improvement of the attention to patients with pacemakers, among other topics, will take place.

She announced that once the event is over on January 25, a meeting on maxilofacial surgery with the presence of some Ecuadorian specialists will take place from January 26 to 31.

By its part, the co-president of Calixto 2017, Mabel Aguiar, informed that the Teaching-Investigation days of the Convention will propitiate the discussion of more than 70 works related to the performance of the professionals of the sector.(Prensa Latina)


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