One Hundred Percent of Honey Wine

One Hundred Percent of Honey Wine

One Hundred Percent of Honey Wine

Cuba, Jan 21st – Cuban specialists develop new forms that have been finished from the study of the behavior of honey from bees to the wine elaboration as a way of diversifying its uses.

That is the case of the production of wine from honey (hydro-honey) Cuban floral at an industrial carried out by Mario Fajardo Cárdenas of the Researching beekeeping center and the result responds to the PE 622 beekeeping and derivative as one of the objectives of the plan of products for Development of the Beekeeping Program from the 2010-2015 period.

It was applied the researching procedure to obtain wine formulations from taking advantage of the water´s content of honey for its trading given its high percent of humid, according to the limits established in the related Cuban rule; however, it has been preserved all its characteristics which favors the trade possibilities and the wine´s useful life.

The presence of antioxidant compounds of honeys as well as the alcohol´s content and the result of the fermentation which contribute to the wine´s preservation and it is obtained a new product of the added value to the primary beekeeping product, the honey and what has been escalated industrially.

It has scheduled its introduction in the market after its launching at the XII Latin American Beekeeping Congress and Cuban VI Beekeeping Congress.(ACN)

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