Invisible Plague

Invisible Plague

Invisible Plague

Cuba, Jan 25 – The microscopic and alive funguses are beings which are capable to remain locked in their spores and keeping that stage for a long time and they wait the proper circumstances to appear or spreading through all of the body.

The heat, which increases the perspiration, is the main determining factor of the appearance of that invisible plague.

Such fearsome microorganisms cause annoying skin´s infections: the skin mycosis is featured by irritations, reddening or the disruption of skin between fingers which require a medical care to avoid its spread.

There are three the main reasons for the appearance of the also called dermatological damage such as lack of air, light and humid.

The collective bathrooms are among the places with a higher risk to get fungus and even the home and showers where the bathers rinse themselves when they go out of the sea or the swimming pool. Therefore, it is essential to use rubber shoes.

As a way to avoid the presence of those skin´s unpleasant microorganisms, it is recommended some minimum-personal rules:

-To avoid being barefoot in humid places, specially where the sunlight do not get, directly.

-Taking a shower by wearing shoes before and after taking a bath in swimming to eliminate a great part of the germs that we all carry on our skin.

-To dry oneself properly after taking a bath by adding a special care inside the spaces between the toes and the skin´s folds.

-To avoid an excess of perspiration that is another of the factors which contribute to that condition. There are some pharmaceutical products which contain aluminum, powder or creams which decrease the humid. There is also a necessary to wear footwear that enables the perspiration and sock made of cotton.

-The fungus usually appears between the fourth and the fifth finger of the foot which is something that enable the detachment of the skin and cracks.

-The doctor usually prescribe anti-fungi: However, it is advisable the opinion of the dermatologist as a specialist in term of identify if they were funguses due to the different symptoms changes in their body smell, changes in the keratin, among others which may be confused with infections caused by those germs which are immune to the anti-fungus treatment.

The one, who has ever suffered from mycosis, should see its very likely reappearances, so it is important to apply those anti-fungus products which penetrate in the material, properly.

The funguses are really contagious. Therefore, the exchange of footwear, towers and socks should not be carried out to avoid its transmission. Moreover, it is necessary to avoid to scrubbing between the fingers of the feet, hands, groin or the rest of the body.

Although there is a rejection while contacting it, the human body is sensible to host different kinds of fungus. The ringworm is characteristic of the dermatological diseases which were caused by funguses that appeared inside structures with keratin: The epidermis or the skin´s most superficial layer, the hair and nails are classified differently.

In addition, the funguses colonize the body´s tissues containing keratin, except the groin, the palms of the hand and feet.
The athlete´s foot condition is given its name from the trend to use sport shoe. It affects the feet in different ways such as blisters, flakes, ulcers or whitish zones. It usually comes with the skin´s reddening, cracks and skin´s irritation and there is smelliness in some cases. It could also be caused by other funguses and by bacteria.

There are other ones locally named as Tinea ungueal and onicomicosis ones which only cause the loss of the transparency and they get a yellowish color near white zones and a kind of white sawdust between the nail and the skin and it removes it. If it was not cared quickly, the fungus´ colony could be a chronic one.

With the proper hygiene and respect about the related medical recommendations, it can always be avoided that dangerous invasion.

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