UNESCO Highlights Importance of Cuban Event ‘Pedagogia’

UNESCO Highlights Importance of Cuban Event 'Pedagogia'

UNESCO Highlights Importance of Cuban Event ‘Pedagogia’

Paris, Feb 3rd – The international event ‘Pedagogia”, taking place in Cuba, has been a platform for dialogue among specialists that contributes to promote a quality education, UNESCO High Representative, Jordan Naidoo, stressed today.

The director of Education for All of that organization is participating in the Havana meeting, a space in which ‘teachers, researchers and professors discuss current challenges, such as social and economic constraints, inequality in education, poverty and the access to a quality education.’

Speaking to Prensa Latina online, the specialist stated that the main objective of ‘Pedagogia’ is to find solutions to face these challenges and better understand them through the exchange of experiences and knowledge.

This corresponds to ‘UNESCO priorities and its role of leading, coordinating and monitoring the Education 2030 agenda,’ he said.

Naidoo stated that the international organization strives to provide global and regional leadership in education and to promote progress from pre-school to higher education, which is impossible without teachers. He argued that raising the preparation of teachers is important and for that reason, ‘Pedagogia’ can contribute a lot.

‘With the aim of boosting regional cooperation aimed at increasing the education quality, the event contributes directly to the implementation of the fourth sustainable development goal (referred to education),’ he said.

According to Naidoo, the international event also help to analyze issues such as the professional contribution of teachers to the development and transformation of education systems, challenges and perspectives in teacher’s training, the quality of technical and professional training and its contribution to the socio-economic development of the countries.

‘Pedagogia’, held every two years in Havana, brings together in the current edition nearly 3,000 professionals from many countries in open sessions from January 30th to February 3rd.(Prensa Latina)

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