The Archechef Publishing House at International Book Fair

The Archechef Publishing House at International Book Fair

The Archechef Publishing House at International Book Fair

Cuba, Feb 13rd -The Artechet publishing house, which is part of the Culinary Association of the Cuban Republic, is present at the XXVI event of the International Book Fair that is being carried out in Havana city from February 9th through 19th.

The books, which will be presented by the publishing house, can be found in the pavilion number 10 at the San Carlos fortress that is the main venue of that literary event.

According to the local chef, Eddy Fernández Monte, the president of the Asociación Culinaria de la República de Cuba (Culinary Association of the Cuba Republic, literally) and his vice president and chef. Mr. Odlarín Castellanos Castillo.

There have been five thousand books published and there were all made, along with the related collaboration carried out by the Spanish publishing house.

The Arteculinario Site from that organization, which includes all the Cuban chefs, presents some of the following books:

The book entitled ´Cocinando con queso´ ( Cooking with cheese, literally) by chef, Eddy Fernández Monte.

The cheese as ingredient is widely uses, especially in the kitchen. It is essential in pizzas, lasagnas and cannelloni.

It is also common to be part of pasta plate such as the local one named ´guarnición´, stuffed one or with sauces. There are some receipesmade with cheese described in it.

The Archechef Publishing House at International Book Fair

The Archechef Publishing House at International Book Fair

The booklet entitled´ Cocinando con huevos´ (Cooking with eggs, literally) by chef, Odlavin Castellanos Castillo offers some recipes from that ingredient.

The book entitled´ Cocinando con galletas´ (Cooking with cookies, literally) by chef, Santiago Lezcano.

It shows a series of easy recipes to make cheap and low cost ones which may be really useful for feeding and the enjoyment of those ones who love making and tasting the bread and cookies.

The booklet entitled ´ Cocinando postres caseros´ (Cooking home-made desserts, literally) by chef, Jorge González Gulín.

It shows some recipes to make desserts and other typical ones which used to be made by local elderly women for a visitor and/or pleasing the desires about having a sweet, especially on weekends when the local family gathers at home.

The booklet entitled ´ Cocinando recetas para fiestas´ (Cooking recipes for parties) by chef, Jorge Luis Bello Rodríguez.

The Cubans are usually party lovers and they make a party from any event. Therefore, these recipes will help you to share some unforgettable occasions with relatives or friends.

The book entitled ´ Cocinando a la italiana´ (Cooking by using an Italian style) by chef, Luis Ramón Batle Hernández.

It shows some recipes about the Italian cookery through the use of different pastes.

The book entitled´ Cocinando con maíz´ ( Cooking using corn) by the graduate, Mairiam Rubiel Díaz.

There are many ways in which corn can be included in the local diet by being used alone or mixing it with other food products so that all its properties and many benefits could be enjoyed from it.

The book entitled´ El donaire de los vinos´ (The charm of wines) by Martha Señan Hernández.

It deals with some aspects linked to the wine culture.


The book entitled´ Qué cocinaré hoy´ (What do I cook today?) that was written by Luis Battle Hernández.

It is dedicated to the Cuban family mainly and the housewife and all those people who wonder what to cook or doing which with was left in the kitchen.

The book entitled´Qué dulces! (What sweets!) by chef Geysis Péres Santos. It shows recipes about baking.

The book entitled ´Colección del menu cubano´ (Collection on the Cuban menu) by some Cuban writers.

It make a proposal about seven variants of the menu with influences of our varied and tasteful Cuban cookery in which the Cuban desserts and Caribbean fruits should never be absent.

There are many of those characteristics from that menu which used to be consumed on holidays days and family ones with relatives and friends, besides, they are included in the daily diet as a food to be enjoyed.

The book entitled´ La comida campaesina cubana ´ in English (The rural food, literally) by chef, Eddy Fernández Monte and graduate, Miriam Rubiel Díaz.

The rural food portrays the local history and ecological characteristics. It is an essential part of the wide Cuban cookery. The book contains some recipes of cookery which are traditionally part of the Cuban rural identity.(Radio Rebelde)


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