Cuba to Host Sympossium on Historical Cities

Cuba to Host Sympossium on Historical Cities

Cuba to Host Sympossium on Historical Cities

Camagüey,  Feb 17th – With the objective to preserve the architectural heritage in Cuba, the eastern city of Camagüey will host a Symposium on the Impact of Development in Historical Cities, scheduled from February 21 to 24.

Specialists from the first villages founded in the 16th century on the island, will gather at the Santa Cecilia Convention Center, located in the heart of Camagüey, to discuss issues relating to the incidence of development in infrastructure building.

Representatives for the UNESCO Regional Bureau for Culture in Latin America and the Caribbean will participate in the event and they will endorse studies by experts of important institutions, such as the universities of Havana, Cienfuegos, Santa Clara, Matanzas and Camagüey.

The Director of the Master Plan of the Camagüey Historian’s Office, Maria Isabel Carmenates, said that the impact of development in areas such as the economy, the habitat of the society will be a subject of discussion, as well as the influence of tourism.

The heritage curators, conservators and restaurateurs will also discuss topics related to climate change, the incidence of new forms of economic management with the private sector; as well as the experiences and projects with their foreign counterparts.(Prensa Latina)


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