The Zulu Project and its Great Acceptance

The Zulu Project and its Great Acceptance

The Zulu Project and its Great Acceptance

Cuba, Feb 28th – Due to the diversity of designs with an imaginative recreation by using the leather material and proper application of color as part of the ZULU project, the collection of purses and wallets won one of the prizes granted during the recently concluded International Craftsmanship Fair that is carried out in Havana city, annually.

The Cuban Zulu brand, which includes purses and wallets, made of leathers and other accessories for mean and women since 1992, participated in a event of this kind for its first time and it achieved a really successful debut.

Its items, which are handmade ones by the members of the Zulueta-Sardiñas family, are mainly featured by their original styles, durability and really high quality. It is not an exaggeration to state that their works, which are carried out by using the patchwork technique, are unique and unrepeatable.

Maby Letamendi Zulueta, who is a graduate in Painting and a member of this local family of artisans, says about another characteristic of the Zulu brand:

“The majority of all its pieces has a female name such as Jennifer, Heydi, Milady and also male names such as Junior and Pablo, including named about shapes like Torso (Trunk) and that is one of the most accepted models by the public, by the way. ”

“The skin provides us many possibilities in its usage, so we are always innovating by taking into account the fashion’s trends in relation to the leather goods. This includes the colors, shapes and the related accessories.” Maby Letamendi said.
It is observed that there is a perfect harmony among the dark, beige and gray colors and the turquoise, green and the water current tonalities.

“Our local project is completely Cuban and that is also functional, taking into account the local population’s needs, especially about the women who request big purses.”The specialist pointed out.

Finally, the aforementioned family does not stop carrying out its work given they are preparing new related proposals which will certainly meet the most demanding requests. They are also working on the materialization of a long-awaited project: to teach young people about the leather goods art which is something really necessary and creative.


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