Melagenine and Heberprot-P at Int’l Workshop in Cuba

Melagenine and Heberprot-P at Int'l Workshop in Cuba

Melagenine and Heberprot-P at Int’l Workshop in Cuba

Havana, Mar 1st – The use of Cuban drugs for the treatment of dermatological diseases such as vitiligo, severe psoriasis, diabetic foot and basal carcinoma will capture the attention of participants during the International Workshop on Dermatology, which closes here today.
The Cuban experiences in the therapy against vitiligo from the Melagenine plus, unique drug of its kind in the world developed by the Placental Histotherapy Center, whose active principle is the human placenta, will be shown during the second day of this workshop.

Researchers at the Havana-based Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology will show the efficacy of several drugs including Heberferon, a synergistic combination of interferon alpha 2b and recombinant human gamma against basal carcinoma, a kind of skin cancer.

Delegates from 10 countries, mostly Latin America, will be capable of learning more about the results of this institution in the application of Heberprot-P, a drug for the healing of diabetic foot ulcers based on recombinant human growth factor.

The use of Itolizumab, a monoclonal antibody against psoriasis, and a talk about the experience of the host institution in dermatological surgery are included to the proposals of the scientific program.

Opened at the ‘Hermanos Ameijeiras’ Hospital yesterday, the workshop began with a conference by Cuban scientist, Fidel Castro Smirnov, on the applications of nanotechnology in dermatology.

About 200 delegates from 10 countries, including Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Panama, Chile, Spain and Cuba, are attending the workshop, organized by the Cuban Ministry of Public Health and the Cuban Society of Dermatology.(Prensa Latina)


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