Salsa festival winds up in Havana

Salsa festival winds up in Havana

Salsa festival winds up in Havana

Cuba, Mar 1st – Havana residents enjoyed four days of concerts by several of the best musical groups of the country during the 2nd edition of the Salsa Festival which wound up last Sunday.

Among some of the groups that performed were Los Van Van, Lazaro Valdes and Bamboleo, Pupy y los que Son Son, Maykel Blanco and his Salsa Mayor, Paulo FG and su Elite, Adalberto Alvarez y su Son and Alexander Abreu and Habana D’Primera who closed the concert.

The special performance went to the all-women’s group Anacaona who are celebrating their 85th anniversary.

The festival was marked by a broad program of activities, which began from 5pm until two in the morning with dancing, DJ sows and the concert itself.

Some of the other groups that participated in the Festival held at the Metropolitano Park in Havana were Los Guaracheros de Regla, Los Componedores de Batea, and the Melao DJs and Dani La Clave from the US, La Rosa from Britain, Rafadares and Cani, Argentina and Cuban Mandy.

Activities directed to foreigners such as dance workshops and popular music were held on February 21st and 22nd at the Hotel Comodoro.

Organized by the Carnival Company and the Provincial Culture Office in Havana, with the support of important institutions, the Salsa Festival’s main objective is to strengthen the popular dancing music in Cuba.

According to its main promoter, Musician Mayken Blanco, the objective of the festival is to promote and make the world learn about the salsa music being produced in Cuba as well as its dances and other artistic manifestations.(Radio Rebelde)


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