Tributo 2017: the latest Cuban rum

Tributo Cuban rum

Cuban rum

Cuba, Mar 1st – Havana Club International S.A. has just launched new Cuban rum with the name Tributo 2017, which official presentation took place in this city, in the frame of the 19th Habano International Festival.

Frenchman Jérome Cottin-Bizonne, the company’s CEO, and Vivian Thomas, its director of sales and marketing in Cuba, told the press that it is an authentic and exclusive product, the result of dedication, passion and wisdom of a group of Cuban rum masters headed by Asbel Morales Lorenzo.

Therefore, Tributo 2017 is part of the collection of an annual series of limited editions of exceptional and unique rums, evidenced in that only 2 500 bottles, each listed and with the signature of that expert, will be distributed for marketing all around the world and only 300 of them will be marketed in the Caribbean island.

Morales Lorenzo pointed out that unlike Tributo 2016, which aroma includes tropical dry fruits, in this new rum you can appreciate the flavor of the sugarcane brandy coming from the very old reserves of the Havana Club International factory, carefully mixed by Cuban rum masters.

This product is also distinguished by its bright and transparent amber color, non-aggressive aroma and flavor, which reaffirm the know-how of these experts, who take into account the experience, tradition and legacy of their predecessors.(Radio Rebelde)


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