Caribbean association to revise important working program in Cuba

Caribbean association to revise important working program in Cuba

Caribbean association to revise important working program in Cuba

Cuba, Mar 2nd – The Association of Caribbean States (AEC) will revise the implementation of its working programs during its 1st Cooperation Conference scheduled for March 8th in Havana.

Interim General Director for Latin America and the Caribbean of the Cuban Foreign Ministry Carlos Rafael Zamora announced that the meeting will also contribute to the management of resources for projects underway and other proposals in accordance with the entity’s five themes of consulting and cooperation.

In an interview for Cubaminrex website, the representative of the regional institution mentioned that this time they will prioritize issues related with connectivity and air and maritime transportation in the Caribbean, in addition to the AEC program aimed at facing climate change in the region.

In addition to the member nations and observers, he stressed that this first meeting they have expanded the invitation to other countries, international entities, funds, UN programs and agencies that maintain ties with the region and for its experience in the conference’s issues.

Zamora says hopes that these annual meetings can continue with the objective that the governments, scientific professionals and financial institutions promote alliances to contribute to an improvement of scientific, technological, cultural and economic capacities in the Caribbean in favor of sustainable development.

The 7th Summit of the Association of Caribbean States held in Cuba in June of 2016, whose five day working sessions approved the Confronting Climate Change Program, including the new phase in the work of mechanism cooperation, which represents an issue of vital importance for the development of the small island States of the Caribbean.

According to Zamora, among the main challenges in the region are the economic asymmetric of its respective countries, with internal fragility, external threats and accumulated debts in addition to the increase in the vulnerability regarding security due to drug and human trafficking, arms contraband and terrorism.

Before such challenges, the official recognized that the Caribbean community must continue strengthening economic integration, coordination of the foreign policy, functional cooperation and collaboration in security.

He also pointed out Cuba’s contributions to the regional organization for the last 22 years offering the technical and scientific knowledge to important areas like tourism, trade, transportation, the reduction risks in disasters and confronting climate change.

The AEC made up by 25 member States and 8 associated countries was created on July 24th, 1994 in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.(ACN)


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