The Forty Anniversary of a Historic Sculpture

The Forty Anniversary of a Historic Sculpture

The Forty Anniversary of a Historic Sculpture

Cuba, Mar 3rd – The 40th anniversary of the sculptural movement from Las Tunas province was commemorated through the inauguration of the artistic work entitled´ La fuente de las Antillas´ which coincided with the local anniversaries of the beginning of the local wars for the independence and the first broadcast by the Radio Rebelde radio news station.

Bárbara Carmenate, who is the art critic, highlighted the proper work carried out by the local Secretary of the Communist Party in that territory, Faure Chomón Mediavilla, who convinced the outstanding Cuban sculptor Rita Longa Aróstegui and the artist, Rafael Ferrero and Armando Echavarría to place the emblematic artistic work beside the Hormigo River.

It was a proper occasion for the member of the Central Committee and First Secretary of the Cuban Communist party, Ariel Santana Santiesteban publicly acknowledged, Pedro Escobar Mora and Nolber Olano Escobar as the artists who had brought back the beauty to that emblematic sculpture.

Manuel Montero Avilés, who is the president of the Provincial Council, highlighted the transcendence of that event which became Las Tunas province into the capital city of sculptures. It is an artistic work that was once visited by the Commander of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro and all the personalities from that specialty in the nation.

The ceremony began with the drummers act carried out by the local Onilé folk company that was an allegorical one to the legend in which Rita was inspired to create the work ´La fuente de las Antillas´ for the Cubans as it was described by that company´s director, Josefina Teillor.(Radio Rebelde)


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