The Upcoming local Singing Festival for children

The Upcoming local Singing Festival for children

The Upcoming local Singing Festival for children

Cuba, Mar 4th – From March 10th through 12th, the National Theater’s Avellaneda room houses the Cantándole al sol children’s festival, according to local Juventud Rebelde newspaper.
Children and teenagers, who arrived in the Cuban capital city, will compete with their songs and will experience some intense training days as it was announced by that local publication that included two pictures about those artists.

“On this occasion, there will be presented up to 22 chosen songs from 12 territories of which their singers are aged between eight and fifteen years old. They will be trained by 23 song writers who have said that they still feel the dream about feeling as if they were children. “Aymara Guzmán Carrazana, who is the president of the local José Martí’s children’s organization, stated to that daily.

“The Cantándole al sol children’s festival shows that it is much more than an event, it is a space for the related training where there are songwriters, singers and public participating. They are all together in relation to the duty about keeping a cultural space with a really high social commitment and its creators found a way to rescue our musical genre and the universal one through this initiative, along with sonorities for all the preferences.” Aymara Guzmán Carrazana pointed out.

Those people, who attended to the aforementioned room on March 10th, will be also able to enjoy from the performance carried out by the local la Comenita children’s Company that is directed by Carlos Alberto Cremata, locally known as Tim, who is an artistic director and the festival’s scriptwriter.

The youth’s orchestra from the Amadeu Roldán conservatory and diverse children’s choirs will participate in that great event of the children’s ballet of the Cuban television. Moreover, there will be some themes which are included inside the record entitled ‘Cantos de la Patria’ by the National Choir of Cuba.

The festival includes the participation of the local Communist Youth League, the Ministries of Culture and Education, the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television and the José Martí Art Group of instructors. (Radio Rebelde)


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