Tropical fruit production grows 6 pct in Cuban province

Tropical fruit production grows 6 pct in Cuban province

Tropical fruit production grows 6 pct in Cuban province

Cuba, Mar 4th – The tropical fruits harvested by the province of Ciego de Avila in 2016 confirms its production potential with a total of 55 thousand 856 metric tons.

The volume surpassed predictions in some 6 thousand tons, mainly coconut, pineapple, mango, avocado, guava, mango and papaya, said engineer Pedro Diaz Gonzalez, specialist in agriculture.

Although the guava were affected by prolonged drought, the small factories based in the municipalities of Ciro Redondo, Ciego de ila and Moron produced 6 million preserved bars of the fruit for Ciego de Avila and other provinces.

The economic earnings was reported at millions of pesos for the Ceballos Agro-industrial company that commercializes the exquisite and popular preserved fruit at 8 Cuban pesos per unit, said the source.

The territory of Ciego de Avila also recovered the citrus activity last year collecting one thousand 523 tons of oranges and lemons, which were below the demand due to the devastation to the plants several years ago due to the epidemic called Huanglongbin that also hurt other territories.

However, more than 8 thousand hectares of the fruit are found in the province among the state and campesino sectors with perspectives of increasing the plantations in fertile soil and with enough labor force.

Approximately 90 percent of the covered areas belong to the EAC, in charge of attending the private sector with technical assessment, seed certification and delivery of supplies.

Experts form the Tropical Fruit Research Institute supports the project in Ciego de Avila whose mission is promoting the scientific-technical base to achieve sustainability and competitively in the agro industrial sector in one of the main Cuban food programs.(Radio Rebelde)


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