Tributes to Che promoted in Argentina

Tributes to Che promoted in Argentina

Tributes to Che promoted in Argentina

Cuba, Mar 7th – Remembering the 50th anniversary of the assassination in Bolivia of the heroic guerrilla leader Comandante Ernesto Che Guevara, is a priority for many Argentines this year, as Lisandro Federico López, from the city of Rosario, told Granma International.

The young journalist belongs to the Multisectoral Solidarity with Cuba Movement and explained that the organization is promoting several initiatives, mainly to be held in the first half of October, although it is also organizing mobilizations throughout the year, in order to pay tribute to Che and his ideas.

He added, “As our generation refuses to let our joy be snatched away from us, and focusing on Che’s example and struggle, we have proposed to hold a grand festival to honor him. This event will encourage the promotion of popular resistance, for peace with social justice, against imperialism and for the happiness of our youth in the Greater Homeland.”

The organization also plans to hold an event in June, in the framework of the 89th anniversary of Che’s birth, with a plenary dialogue by the National Alternative Media Network, which will bring together journalists from across the country to reflect on Che’s legacy. In August, the annual national meeting of all social organizations, movements, and political parties supporting solidarity with Cuba will be convened.

Popular and alternative media will help publicize these events, in particular the popular “Radio Che Guevara” station, based in Rosario, founded seven years ago and providing coverage through its blog, radio station, and social networks.

This informative forum is run by several people working voluntarily to cover social and public agenda issues, and explain the true essence and the history of national and international events, with the help of the Internet. They publish multimedia reports on the blog:

The site also offers articles on the Cuban reality, which challenge the misinformation published by hegemonic media outlets, radio and television broadcasters. Likewise, the blog defends the Bolivarian Revolution of Venezuela and the emancipatory processes of Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Bolivia.

For such efforts, the volunteers follow current affairs, read informative articles on the changes taking place in these countries on the radio, and interact with the audience on these issues.

Lisandro Federico López stated, “As I am part of the Argentine Club of Journalist Friends of Cuba, I receive information about the island daily and immediately disseminate it through the alternative media available to us and through different channels. We call for actions against the criminal economic, financial, and commercial blockade, which aims to starve the Cuban people. At the time, we joined the campaign for the release of the Five Cuban heroes who served long and unjust years of imprisonment in the United States for fighting against terrorism.”

As a member of solidarity and friendship groups with Cuba, Lisandro receives Cuban personalities and delegations visiting the city of Rosario, and also participates in political and cultural events to celebrate the Revolution’s historical dates, which comment on the history and reality of the country.

He is passionate when talking about Cuba, explaining that his love for the island stems from his family, as his father was active in the Argentine Communist Party until his death. Lisandro’s father first visited the island in 1985, to undertake a course for a year. Upon returning to Argentina, he instilled the human values of the Cuban social model in his compañeros.

In the family environment, talks about the building of socialism and Fidel Castro Ruz’s speeches were recurrent. This background led Lisandro to participate in social struggles from the age of 14.

Together with other compañeros, he founded the organization “Daughters and Sons for Identity and Justice against Forgetting and Silence” in 1995, to denounce the cases of those people disappeared and tortured during Argentina’s military dictatorship, and continued to fight for social rights.

Lisandro visited Havana for the first time in 1997 as a delegate of the 14th World Festival of Youth and Students, which was dedicated to commemorating the 30th anniversary of the assassination in Bolivia of Ernesto Che Guevara. He traveled to the island again in January 2000, as a member of the South American Solidarity with Cuba Brigade, staying at the Julio Antonio Mella International Camp located in the municipality of Caimito, Artemisa province.

Since then, he has drawn up several initiatives to gain support for the Cuban Revolution, such as a motorcycle tour across different parts of the continent.

He also coordinated a rock music festival dedicated to the island in 2008, in the Humberto Benito de Rosario municipal amphitheater. “We held it in a gigantic space and thousands of people attended,” Lisandro noted.

In 2009, he was invited by the Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee to the political-cultural event to mark the 50th anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in Santiago de Cuba’s Manuel de Cespedes Park.

For this solidarity activist, the example of heroism that characterizes the Cuban people serves to show the path forward for the political processes of Latin American societies. As such, he categorically concluded: “Cuba is the beacon of light for our peoples, because it is an example of dignity, coherence, heroism, patriotism, and solidarity.”(Granma)

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