Over 4,500 Cubans get minimal access surgery in 2016

Over 4,500 Cubans get minimal access surgery in 2016

Over 4,500 Cubans get minimal access surgery in 2016

Cuba, Mar 28 – The National Center for Minimal Access Surgery (CNCMA by its Spanish acronym) first in Cuba of this branch of medicine, made more than 4,500 such surgical procedures in 2016, with very good results, announced the director of that institution.

Dr. Julian Ruiz told ACN that the procedure is carried out in the specialties of urology, gynecology, gynecological oncology, general and reconstructive surgery, gastroenterology, interventional radiology, otolaryngology and neurosurgery.

Ruiz, founder of CNCMA, noted that from 2007 to 2016 more than 2,500 physicians from Cuba and other countries have been trained in this center.

He pointed out that in Cuba it has been possible to develop kidney transplants with live donors, which are being done through laparoscopic surgery, with good results.

About robotic surgery, he said that Cuba is in a position to introduce the new technique based on the experience of more than 20 years of practice of minimal access in the country, which already has 120 centers of this type, leading surgeons and doctors certified in the art of carrying out basic and advanced minimally invasive procedures.

He emphasized that there are Cuban qualified professionals who have underwent training courses in these techniques.

The official of the   clarified that everything depends on the fact that the only industry that manufactures this instrument, from United States, agrees to market them in the country, and said that more than a year ago negotiations were made with that company and they refused to sell them.

Urological, colonic and gynecological surgery would be a good start for the introduction of robotics, he said.

Dr. Miguel Angel Martinez, also founder of this center, added that the advantages of robotic surgery include greater precision and less trembling at the time of the incision.

There are places where it is difficult to access and the robot with its movements allows it; the surgeon has a better field and greater maneuverability to perform surgery, Martinez said.(ACN)


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