Recovery is on the Way for Cuban Cheese Industry

Recovery is on the Way for Cuban Cheese Industry

Recovery is on the Way for Cuban Cheese Industry

Havana, Mar 28 – The Cuban cheese industry pursues stability in its recovery to face the booming tourism sector, said today specialist of the Superior Direction of Business Management (OSDE). Jorge Luis Moya.
The OSDE belongs to the Ministry of the Food Industry (Minal) and also tries to improve the Cubans’ food basket.

Moya informed about the cheese industry this Tuesday and explained that such statements were also presented at the First Provincial Workshop on Cheese, held this week at the Branch School of the Ministry of Tourism (Mintur) of Havana.

The expert assured the takeoff of that important industry has already come true, due to the concern of the government to promote the development of livestock and agriculture, economic lines vital for the country.

In that regard, he advanced that in order to reinforce that task, the State boosts the prerparation and training of personnel working in the development of that food product.

A group of specialists and master cheese producers from all the provinces, participated in courses at the Food Industry Research Institute (IIIA).

Moya asserted they prepare new personnel in order to face the development of cheese production in the Island through a group of young graduates of related courses.

The also expert of the Dairy Products Enterprise Escambray, of the municipality of Cumanayagua, in the central province of Cienfuegos, said the main effort is are put on the recovery of technological equipment.

An example of that substantial investment program is at the Havana Dairy Complex, and in other provinces.

For his part, Minal specialist, Joaquín Carreño, recalled that the country’s leaders in their effort to develop livestock and the production of dairy products have built cheese factories in different provinces and created several research centers.

The plants, the sources specified that plants produce different types of cheese, as cream cheese, semi-strong and strong (like Parmesano and Gruyere), smoked and blue cheeses, among others.

Cuba got to elaborate 200 types of cheese, that later with the critical period of economic difficulties in the 90’s of last century, were considerably reduced.

Another of the opposing factors, the experts recognized, were the reduction of the cattle herds and dairy production.

Another Minal specialist, Yalilis Cisneros, advanced that several types of high quality cheeses are presently manufactured in almost all provinces.

Some are in small formats, like the Caribe, Patagras, Gouda, five types of blue cheese, Caribbean, seasoned, soft as the Camembert, molten, fresh cream and Nela, among others.

The president of the Culinary Associations Federation of the Republic of Cuba (Facrc), Eddy Fernandez, valued appropriately the importance of rescuing this industry for Cuban culinary and tourism, so its local efforts be recognized as part of the cultural heritage of the nation.(Prensa Latina)


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