Cuban efforts in the use of nuclear technology recognized

Cuban efforts in the use of nuclear technology recognized

Cuban efforts in the use of nuclear technology recognized

Havana, Mar 29 – The International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) deputy director general and head of its Department of Technical Cooperation, Dazhu Yang, recognized Cuba’s work with nuclear technology, during a recent visit.

In a meeting with specialists from around the country, at the Cuban Nuclear Energy and Advanced Technology Agency (Aenta), he commented that the nation has established nuclear security measures and a related legal framework, to comply with international treaties.

Yang highlighted the international advisement and training programs which Cuban experts have provided in other Latin American countries and other nations, while recalling that the IAEA has offered its support to broaden and improve the use of nuclear technologies in Cuba, for over 40 years.

Important collaborative projects with the Agency have included those in the areas of health – specifically in treating cancer – agriculture, and industry, which have in turn benefited the region.

He congratulated the country for its achievements in developing this field and described work done by institutions here as commendable.

The IAEA representative indicated that the organization is in a position to contribute to nine of the 17 sustainable development objectives included in the United Nation’s 2030 agenda, approved by the international body in 2015, adding that Cuban institutions, in conjunction with the IAEA, can do so as well, over the next few years, since the government is a signatory.

Cuba is set to participate in several technical cooperation projects with the international agency during the period 2018-2019, in the areas of human health, food safety, and the environment.

The IAEA’s Director, Yukiya Amano, visited Cuba in November, 2016, on the invitation of Elba Rosa Pérez, minister of Science, Technology, and Environment.(Granma)


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