National Meeting for the Biogas Users in Cienfuegos

National Meeting for the Biogas Users in Cienfuegos

National Meeting for the Biogas Users in Cienfuegos

Cuba, Mar 29 – “The VII National Meetings of Biogas Users will take place in that city from April 11th through 15th as recognition to the successful work carried out in that province.” Ph.D. José Antonio Guardado, who is the member of the National Boarding director and Coordinator of the Movement, announced.

“The number of 250 related equipments have been surpassed which substitute the 152.8 tons of equivalent of fossil fuel by stopping to emit 455.4 tons of dioxide and it was processes up to 733.3 of polluting residuals.” José Antonio Guardado said.

“At present, we are focused, as never before, on the development of the biogas product and this will be a much better meeting than the previous ones due to the general results of the movement and the related experiences that will be shown at its venue in Cienfuegos province. We shall present the book entitled’Movimiento de usuarios del biogás’. He said.

“It is essential the people’s performance and especially the users’ one and it is right on this aspect where the movement is carrying out a work since over twenty years and we are thinking about concluding this stage in Cienfuegos.” He pointed out.

Cuba plans to generate the 24 percent of its electricity until 2030 by using renewal sources through big investments in photovoltaic and winds stations, including the Biogas’s users through the local efforts and collaboration projects.

José Antonio Guardado referred to the statement by the president of the Cuibasolar enterprise, Luis Beery, when he said:
“We can produce it in Cuba from the average length of the archipelago which means 5KWH by squared meter and that is to say some 1800 times the energy that we need.”

The Biogas represents an energy carrier and it is necessary for the pork producers who use the pigs’ residuals, besides, the related agreements enable to produce over the 80 % of the meat that is produced in Cuba. If they do not use that facility for the related process, they will not be able to keep the breeding process due to the pollution that is caused by them.

There are the electric generators, the Biogas and other sources which produce enough energy for the lighting equipments and the local rural family.

“We are able to provide with electricity to a house without needing to use the National Electric system.” José Antonio Guardado pointed out.

The first related station in the world was built in 1941 and Cuba was the first country from Latin America which phased in that technology in the 1970 decade. The development of the renewable energy sources experience biggest achievements at the moment.(Radio Rebelde)


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