A Song for Preserving the Unity of the Cuban Youth

A Song for Preserving the Unity of the Cuban Youth

A Song for Preserving the Unity of the Cuban Youth

Cuba, Apri 3rd – After knowing about the recording of a song to promote the campaign for the 55th anniversary of the Youth Communist League (UJC), there could be many people who might think that it is just about another of those distant songs which make us to feel that it was out of the reality.
In addition, after listening the aforementioned song entitled´Gallo de Pelea, ´it could be watched the makers’ communicative mechanisms with the Cuban youth through the use of a most pleasant and dynamic language.

It is sung by the Buena Fe band duet, along with the local Moncada and Casabe bands. This record encourages the young people to join and sharing their ideas for constructing a much better future.

Jorge Gomes, who is the director of the band, said that this is like a starting point for the new generations to get to know what have been happening in previous ones due to it is necessary to have a history to make a future.
As part of a related dialogue with the local Press, Ronal Hidalgo Rivera, who is the second secretary of the National Committee of the Communist Youth League, pointed out that song is part of a program of concerts for the commemorations of the local April 4th date which will be carried out throughout the nation´s provincial regions, including the Isla de la Juventud special municipality where the tour was planned to begin.


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