Camagüey´s Water nymph towards Panamanian waters

Camagüey , Apri 4th – The camagüeyana Lisandra Utria Escalona will be one of the 15 sportsplayers who will represent Cuba in the third edition of the Latin-American Games of Special Olympics, with venue in Panama City, from April 20 until April 28.

At her thirteen years, this pupil of the school Nguyen Van Troi is already accustomed to alternating her days between classes and trainings of swimming. This allows the alliance between the specialists of the center and the teachers of the Inder.

Marilyn Alfonso Martínez, provincial assistant director of the Preschool and Special educations, said to the digital Adelante newspaper that the disability of the girl has not been an obstacle to her development in the sport: “It is surprising the facility with which she appropriates of the different swimming styles, as well as her disposition and effort”.

The Cuban delegation will also compete in the disciplines of athletics, table tennis and rhythmic gymnastics.

The Latin-American Games of Special Olympics happen every four years since 2006 to make people be aware of the acceptance and inclusion of the persons with intellectual disability. This year they summon more than 800 athletes and 200 trainers of Latin America.(Adelante)

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