The III Meetingt on Mycology to be held in Havana city

The III Meetingt on Mycology to be held in Havana city

The III Meetingt on Mycology to be held in Havana city

Cuba, Apr 10th – Enabling the approach between the Cuban mycologists, it is one of the essential objectives of the III Mycology meeting to be held from May 16th through the 17 th in Havana city which was organized by the Mycology section of the Cuban Botanic Society.

The meeting that is directed by mycologists, ecologies, microbiologists, environmental educators and other professors whose work have a direct impact on their research and/or the preservation of the Cuban mycobiota will allow not only the presentation of the related results but also the debate about the working methodologies and projects.

The general themes of the meeting includes the fungus Systematization, the microbiology quality of the air, the relation between fungi and other organisms, the climatic change, the fungi preservation and the application of fungi on the industrial and related processes, as well as the bio-deterioration of materials and the environmental education.

Apart from the plenary sessions with oral exhibitions and debates, it is significant to highlight that there will be some presentations carried out by university students who has achieved some results on that theme. Moreover, there will be a workshop about the study of the macro fungi in which the classical taxonomy mycology and a related themes will be included. (ACN)

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