FAO Presents in Cuba Views of Urban Agriculture

FAO Presents in Cuba Views of Urban Agriculture

FAO Presents in Cuba Views of Urban Agriculture

Havana, Apr 22 –  FAO representative in Cuba, Theodor Friedrich, delivers here the master lecture ”Increasing Urban and Suburban Agriculture”, in the closing session of an international conference on this kind of food production.
The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) supports this and other agricultural development programs in Cuba through close cooperation.

Also today, Dr. Giraldo Martín, from the Experimental Station of Pastures and Forages ‘Indio Hatuey’, will lecture on Agroecology and family farming as the basis for sustainable agricultural development.

The analysis of some 20 papers has been scheduled for the closing day, among these Impact of the establishment of small industries in the reduction of fruit losses in two cooperatives, supported on sustainable agriculture.

In addition, the Bureau of Agricultural Studies and Policies of Chile will summarize over 10 years of organic production in that country.

The 3rd International Congress of Urban, Suburban and Family Agriculture is taking place in the Conference Center since Tuesday and in the context of the 15th Scientific Meeting of the National Institute for Fundamental Research on Tropical Agriculture (INIFAT).

It is organized by INIFAT, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Agriculture Business Group, and is attended by experts from 40 institutions from 15 countries, including Mexico, Colombia and Argentina.(Prensa Latina)

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